Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Ubiquitous Fridge Light

In this day and age, why is the fridge light the same old boring white?

Given how popular RGB LEDs are, it doesn't make sense to keep the fridge light color the way it is. I feel, it can be used to convey a lot of useful information.

Even if you do like the white color because it help you see what's inside the fridge very clearly and having any other color may mask visual inspection, you could still gently flash various shades to indicate birthdays of distant family members or anyone you care about but likely to forget.

You could program the fridge to indicate if the fridge door has observed lot of unusually high activity, like kids or flatmates opening the fridge far too often, with a chosen color.

Maybe the manufacturer could reserve color to indicate that the fridge is not working optimally and you should have it inspected and/or repaired?

Maybe you could even have the fridge light tie up with your Google calendar! 

Edit 1: Have a mat in front of the fridge with an integrated weigh scale and  that could be used  intelligently to convey to the fridge light about the nature of the person..


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