Monday, June 15, 2015

TI Internship Workshop June 2015

We have the been organizing the TI Internship Workshop on Microcontroller Based Embedded System Design during every semester break in summers as well as in winters, since June 2013. The inaugural workshop had 15 participants. Over time, the popularity of the program seems to have increased and last summer we had a record breaking strength of more than 60 participants. However, the spike in numbers seem to happen only during summer. Winter editions of the program have thinner participation numbers and that probably could be ascribed to the fact that our vacation period does not match well with the winter vacations at many universities across India.

That said, we announced the 5th edition of the TI Internship Workshop around the last week of March, 2015. Quickly, the word got around, thanks to the regular marketing that Texas Instruments India did on their Facebook page. Soon 50 participants registered. By the end of April, we had more than 65 registrations, more than the total participants in the 3rd edition of this program in June 2014. By the 2nd week of May, we crossed 100 and that was for me, an epiphany. A hundred participants! The sheer responsibility of handling such a large number made me numb.  But we soldered on. Eventually, more than 110 folks registered. Here are some graphics that describes them, their backgrounds, places of study and geographical belonging.

The original distribution of the tracks, that the participants selected is shown in the graphic below.


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