Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Make In India Challenge

The nation is fiercely debating the Prime Minister's 'Make In India' call to the nation. The debate is trying to find various nuances of this call. Why 'Make In India' instead of 'Made In India' and so on.

The hidden charge is whether the call is simply to invite external expertize and capital and use local, low cost labor. If one were to glance at the barrage of tweets from various Government of India ministries even remotely connected to Industry, Manufacturing, Electronics etc., that charge may appear to be true! Sample this:
Or this:
This has to change. Boost to enabling local invention should be the topmost priority of any government. Perhaps the call should have been 'Invent In India'.  Perhaps, one of the many nuances of the Prime Minister's call for 'Make In India' does include 'Invent In India' and maybe he should explicitly say it out loud.

Perhaps, the Prime Minister should start asking how many engineering faculty are engaged research and development linked to local technology companies instead of questionable and often dubious 'research'. That is the challenge!

I could tell you the answer but let him first ask that question!


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