Friday, June 03, 2016

In Support of the Venerable 8085!

If you were to hear '8085 Microprocessor', you would probably cringe. Perhaps, you may be right too. However, we, like many others across the world, still teach 8085 microprocessor. Personally, I feel it is a great first architecture to teach. Apart from simple, easy to follow architecture, the 8085 ecosystem comes with a 40 year old history and therefore, is mature and thankfully, components of this ecosystem are still available.

However, we at the electronics and communication engineering division at the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, have made great departure from the standard paradigm of a course work with a laboratory with some standard experiments. Since 2011, I have made (or forced) my students to propose, get approval and then build a standalone 8085 Microprocessor based project. I am going to write a more detailed blog about the entire exercise but for now, I am going to share some YouTube videos of the projects, my students have completed.

So, here goes..

  1. 8085 based Function Generator
  2. Digital Slot Machine
  3. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
  4. RGB LED Game
  5. Attendance Recording System
  6. Track Lap and Distance Measurement
  7. 8085 Tengu
  8. Penalty Shootout!
  9. Cricket Super Over
  10. Semiconductor Curve Tracer
  11. 1-D Pong
  12. Elevator Control
  13. Game of Sieve
  14. EGGS Game
  15. Hit When Red!
  16. Battleship
  17. Tambola Controller
  18. Card Game (Patte Pe Patta)
Many more are on the way...


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