Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AVR Contest 2006 on Circuit Cellar

Circuit Cellar is organizing a contest for design projects using the AVR microcontrollers. The AVR2006, sponsored by Atmel started February 27 and will complete on July 19, 2006.

The eligible devices from the AVR stable are: AT90CAN32/128, AT90PWM2/3, ATmega16/32/48/88/168/169, and ATtiny13/25/45/85.

Total prize money is USD 15000.

As part of the competition, participants, after registration, can request a free Butterfly evaluation kit and chip samples. The sample chips will be two numbers of ATtiny13, ATmega16, ATmega88, AT90CAN128, or AT90PWM3 only.

At this point I not sure, if one can make use of the Butterfly itself as part of the project. I have asked the contest administrator and awaiting a response.

Happy Designing....

Dhananjay Gadre


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