Monday, February 27, 2006

Shake Shake Shake a lil.. to change your TV channel...

While on the subject of musclepowered energy sources, I hit upon this bright idea. Have Googled to find out if any such thing already exists. None. Zilch. Nada. Hmmmmm.. maybe I should get it patented :)

Although I am not much of a couch potato, watching TV, i get bothered having to change batteries on my TV remote once every few months. That we are putting a lot of used batteries in the trash (even in a segregated way) is an issue of serious concern to everyone. Increased use of embedded portable devices (mobile phones, TV remote, cordless phones etc..) in our lives will only add to this trash. Alternative power sources need to be looked into. A supercap (Supercap, Goldcap, Ultracap) is an interesting alternative, specially if you have a ready source of power available nearby, all you need to do is charge your supercap. And a supercap charges really quickly. I saw this article a while ago: a 9V battery footprint hiding a supercap inside.

And my idea uses a supercap, a small circuit and a shake shake shake generator with your TV remote and presto.. you get a TV remote without batteries! You wanna change your TV channel or crank up/down the volume? Work for it mate.. Shake it a lil bit and press that switch.

Off to the patent office...

Dhananjay Gadre


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