Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Posthumous Digital Picture Frame

I read the following on WhatsApp:

जब तक जीवन है ……रोज डी पी बदलिए.

बाद में तो एक ही फोटो में लटके रहना है 😂😂😂

वो भी बच्चों ने लगाई तो !!!😜😜

(While you are alive, change your DP everyday. After you are dead, there will only be a single picture on display and that too if your kids put it up!)

When I think about it, it dawns on me that it is so true! But in this day and age, it need not be like this at all. Here is a possible business idea - A posthumous digital picture frame. You purchase a plan and you start submitting your pictures to this service. Once you die, the people you name in your will, will be delivered a digital picture frame which will have all those pictures you submitted over time and they will be displayed on the picture frame cyclically!

I am very sure this a great idea and may have good demand.


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