Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Standalone RGB LED Kaleidoscope

Many people have implemented LED kaleidoscopes.

Here is our version. It is an MSP430 controlled toy. Uses three  PCBs: One for 4 RGB LEDs arranged in a 'Y' configuration, another for LiPo battery powered Boost + LDO voltage regulator and USB battery charger and the third PCB for the MSP430 microcontroller that control the RGB LED lighting patterns and few tilt sensors. An acrylic mirror assembly with glass bangle pieces to play with the incoming light from the RGB LEDs, makes up the rest of the assembly. All this is placed inside a large plastic conduit pipe and closed with machined plastic covers.

This project was implemented by two of my students at CEDT, Nishant Arora and Riddhi Luthra and I am really proud of them!

Some of the lighting patterns captured on a phone camera can be seen in this YouTube video.

Here are some of the pictures!